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Reciprocating automatic brush washing machine CT-919

Carter reciprocating automatic computer car washing machine using computer control, is the most advanced, the most common computer car washing machine. Carter reciprocating type computer car washing machine is mainly used for the appearance of all kinds of cars and small and medium-sized van with high-pressure water washing, cleaning agent washing, brushing, wax wash, dry and. When the vehicle is the conveyor into the washing room, first of all by the high-pressure water jet completely obliterated attached in tiny grit and dust on the body; by spray foam cleaning fluid and multiple sets of high-grade washing machine special brush roll on the surface of the vehicle and wheel hub for all-round package cleaning; finally by high-pressure air dry, the surface of the car more bright as new.

Carter reciprocating washing machine, the configuration model is numerous, beautiful appearance, can be designed according to customer demand. Fast cleaning speed, high efficiency, improve customer service turnover rate. Copying blower system, full range design, van, streams car, and other general models are contained, no dead hair is more than twice the blower efficiency, the drying effect is stronger, effectively shortening the washing time. Mobile Dali brush, independent around mobile, respectively, washing the central position of the license plate, clean, no dead ends, and can follow the vehicle running, enhance the cleaning effect.

Function is complete, beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, low maintenance cost, car wash, is widely used in automobile operations, sales, service, maintenance and other industries. Users across the country, production, sales in the forefront of the entire industry, is China's Ministry of transport under the China Auto Repair Equipment Industry Association named "car wash machine 2010 annual China's individual steam protection products exports twenty strong" enterprises.

The machine can be customized according to customer site, all machines can add configuration device, including 3 brush, 5 brush, 7 brush series hair or not

The machine adopts the most advanced hot galvanizing processing, prolong the service life of the machine, the national standard parts, brush with 40 000 vehicles. Has remote control function.

The washing machine products won the national patents by the State Intellectual Property protection.

Connect cable line maintenance can be realized even at home and abroad. The US is responsible for the installation, commissioning and training, to export overseas installation, debugging and training costs by the consumer is responsible for.

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