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Reciprocating automatic air washing machine CT-828

Carter computer automatic washing system CT-828-AD the development of new brand new series of products in the Wei Jie reciprocating washing system AW-518/528/558/588 based, this type is custom models ANEKA DAYA company of the, the system uses the Italian full automatic car washing machine principle, in automatic minus the brush under the operating conditions, the development of a new remote automatic washing system.

Carter computer automatic washing system CT-828-AD body of high pressure spray system can automatically clean the body dirt, dust; without the body moves, effective control of the fixed gantry type car washing system of body paint scratch accident, and effectively control the number of cleaning chassis (Note: according to customer requirements to the chassis and the comprehensive cleaning). High body spray system can automatically spray washing, efficient decon***ination. Spray system can be more comprehensive, all the angle of the body foam removal, reducing the foam cleaning of the car wash blind spots. In improving the efficiency of the car wash, and enhance the quality of the car wash.

The automatic system of advanced wax style automatic waxing. The hair dryer can blow off some water in the car.

The remote central control in control system of the Carter computer automatic washing system CT-828-AD electrical,, that is the whole process of driving, body water jet spray, driving, body foam cleaning of central control (can according to customer requirements matching microelectronics remote control system), and enhance the efficiency of work and ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the work process, and a simultaneous increase in the remote control system. In the hardware configuration, the imported high pressure and large flow pump and high horsepower motor, imported water jet type ceramic rotating nozzle, and the Italian rail traffic system, supplemented by a large number of high-quality imported accessories, to ensure the system stability and enhance the service life of the system.

External paint Carter computer automatic washing system CT-828-AD using steel spray technology processing, and plating with color outer membrane, truly beautiful and durable.

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