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Market ana

Release Date:2015-12-08

Automotive beauty industry development is gradually from the low-end to high-end development, is not only a more diversified products, high quality, consumer demand is also more high-end and fashion. Here are the details of the two major trends in the automotive beauty industry.

Change garments according to the season, car decoration market has a flourishing scene. In recent days, to their own car of change garments according to the season up to the owners also really many, especially the weekend time, huge market often traffic jams. "This time, the most popular seasonal products. Cushion, tires, air conditioning filter and other products to the most fire. And with the car more and more obvious fashion, the car market in the personality products are increasingly popular."

It is due to the trend of fashion, has always stressed that functional and practical automotive supplies market also began to focus on the design of the product, a variety of popular elements in a clever design, once again given the new vitality of traditional products. It is understood that a number of product appearance more and more lovely and these products can also highlight the personality of our young people, this is the young man to give me the car to increase the decoration of the main reasons.

Fashion is actually a matter of things, after the car market also follow this rule. China industry insight into the network, many of the car supplies were hit by the Chinese consumer need to brand, and inject Chinese fashion elements, in the product added value such as the design of the design, the pursuit of personalized, etc..

High-end products occupy the market

At the turn of the spring and summer, cushion is always automotive after market headed Huadan, not to mention, the cushion Market in Henan in the country also has a pivotal position. And from the current market, this year's car cushion market is also different from previous years, the four seasons pad market steadily improve, high-grade products more and more market recognition, product design more and more attention to the manufacturers.

From the point of view of the current market share, now seasons cushion market share has from the original three or four into growth for 50% to 60%, from the start in a few years ago to today's half of the country, seasons cushion only a few years of time, can be described as the best market limelight. China industry insight into the network, which is the reason, one is the market reason, consumers slowly accepted the fashion, personality products. Second, the advantages of the product itself, compared to the seasons cushion with the conventional cold pad, transportation, light weight, long time to adapt to the, some consumers throughout the year in, dealers are willing to promote. With the four seasons pad fixed firmly, safe, convenient, comfortable, environmental protection and other characteristics, so that the four seasons pad in the market more and more popular.

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