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Car repair

Release Date:2015-12-08

Recently, if you in the section of road in city people's road, South City Road, art sea, Gan Xi Street originally shop car wash, car repair shop is relatively concentrated turn around, you will find changed a lot: outdoor car wash, car moved indoors to; individual car beauty shop because of the limited conditions, switch to do the other business.

"Before the car wash the car wash the car wash, sediment, sewage are rushed to the street, is a very uncivilized phenomenon. It is necessary to remediation! "Ms. Luo home Shuang Xian said lu.

Regular indoor car wash both clean and water

Is located in Liangxiang Industrial Base in the North love group launched leather new car service model shop, the set R & D, production, sales, training, consulting, planning as one of the diversified operation strategy, the model proposed professional storefront eight standards, namely original 2:8 operating rules, improve operation ability; clean room design, professional construction; full function station to ensure to maximize the use of station; stereo tool lifting, fully save space; diffuse light source lighting design to ensure the construction quality; drain desilting ground, environmental protection, construction is convenient; water-saving washing, save operating costs; 16 step exquisite car wash, standardized procedures. Operators only need to complete the first step, the other we come to complete, so that each alliance partners to develop a car beauty shop, the conservative estimate of revenue 70%, and monthly income stability.

Group senior vice president Wang Tianrui, Northern Ireland Group's company car era Research Institute President Mr. Wang carrying several experts, lasted 6 years of research and development of pneumatic micro high-pressure water cleaning gun, completely break the car wash industry water consumption problem. At present, the product has been upgraded to four times, the performance is excellent, the quality is reliable, by the market. In addition to effectively clean the car paint, have very good effect on cleaning the condenser, oil pan, workshop, courtyard etc..

Standard indoor car wash

Combined remediation team daily inspections, occurred outside the shop, car repair prohibited behavior.

Outside the shop Jeeves a daily inspection

According to statistics, Wu Ning, Baiyun, Jiangbei Street range of automotive beauty, car washing, repair shops, a total of more than 180, these unlicensed 60%.

Originally, these stores due to limited space space, widespread Lane assignments, sewage outflow, disorderly hang chaos drying, damage to municipal facilities, operating without a license or beyond the scope of business and other problems. From February this year onwards, composed of city transportation, industry and commerce, administrative law enforcement personnel of the joint remediation group was founded, every day they carried out inspections, and regulate the transformation of a number of automotive beauty, car washing, repair shops and shutting down ban a number.

"At present, there are 6 stores closed down." Joint remediation group, said the staff, these stores are undocumented management, and the conditions are not in place to limit the rectification.

The next step, a joint training groups will continue to strengthen inspections, supervision and beyond the scope of business, Shop Lane operation business households speed up the rectification, the refuses to rectification or rectification is not in place, banned according to law.

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