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Car wash t

Release Date:2015-12-08

The car is dirty, of course, the wash, but seemingly ordinary problem but there is a big knowledge. In the eyes of the owner, the car wash is to clean, and in the eyes of the professional, car wash is to protect the car paint.

Looks like a hard exterior paint, in the face of strong sunlight is will soften, after the rain attached to the body of the mud, the sun will slowly bite the paint, and eventually caused by corrosion of metal. Frequent washing, not only can keep smooth finish, if you play a protective film layer of oil on the finish, prevent rain corrosion paint. But if not for a long time to wash the car, in addition to more and more dirty, will accelerate the corrosion of acid rain body paint.

Car wash is important, but more important, there is the choice of car wash. At present, some of the market is not regular car wash points are mostly used with acid and alkali cleaning agent, such as detergent and washing powder, etc.. Acid cleaners will soon penetrate into the car paint. And alkaline cleaning agent to the paint damage is chronic, although sometimes it will make the body appear brighter, but with the passage of time will make the body becomes gloomy, serious will also cause paint falls off.

Therefore, in order to protect the paint, confidence classic car beauty chain of expert advice, the best choice for professional regular car wash shop owner of the car wash, because in these stores, car washing basically are using the pH value between 6.5-7.5 professional neutral washing liquid, neither erosion body surface can give body a moisturizing skin care effect, achieve the purpose of protect the paint.

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