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Release Date:2015-12-08

The size of China's auto market is about 4000 -5000 billion yuan.

Survey shows that, despite the size of China's auto market is huge, but its concentration is relatively low, the industry's average turnover of the first tier companies accounted for only 1/1000 of the overall market size.

Sponsored by the China chain store and Franchise Association, the Shanghai green economic development center and Jing Kui investment hosted in 2014 China Automotive after market chain development forum held recently in Shanghai. Business Daily reporter learned from the forum, China's auto market is a big market, but the overall development is still in its infancy, branding, chain and specialization will be the future of the car after winning the market.

It is understood, after China's automobile market size is about 40 million - 5000 million yuan, but its current situation can only "big cake" vs "ant" to describe. Such as the U.S. auto market leader Zone Auto's annual turnover of $86, 3.7% of the market share, while China's auto market leader in the annual turnover of 5 yuan, accounting for only about 0.1% of the estimated market share. Nearly 40% of the surveyed business sales below 5000 yuan.

China Chain Management Association Secretary General Pei Liang told the Daily reporter, chain operations in the domestic development of nearly 20 years, it should be said in many industries, fields, has developed very mature. "Like the chain, now has more than 1000 members, from the supermarkets, department stores, home appliances, food and beverage industry, chain hotels and other industries, these industries have been developed very mature, very many large enterprises. But the China Chain Management Association in the automotive aftermarket service area, the member is relatively small, this is also from a side reflects the car after the market chain operation in China is lagging behind the development of the state."

Jing Kui investment partners Kang Binghua said that at present domestic auto after market enterprises are facing the pressure of survival larger, upstream vehicle and parts companies occupy the market dominant position, affect the market cost, price and profit. Vehicle manufacturing technology innovation requires the maintenance of the car market after the maintenance personnel should continue to update the knowledge reserves.

Kang Binghua also said that the overall development of China's auto market is still in its infancy, the enterprise's own capacity is limited. "The market capacity of the auto market is still expanding, which provides the opportunity to expand the business, but most of them are limited in their ability to improve their brand building and internal performance."

He pointed out that the future development pattern of the car market will be regional and national chain of these two different models. "National chain for auto parts dealers, they can learn from the big home appliance industry chain mode, in the country to control several major channels. The regional chain is suitable for car repair, try to build its own service features in the region, for the brand, models, etc.. In short, the brand, chain and specialization will be the future of the car after the winning way market."

"As far as I know, the auto industry in the United States, the car before the market profits only 20%, and 80% of the profits from the car market. "At present, China's auto market is full of growth, with China's 4.5 families to calculate, if more than 60% families have a car, then there are nearly 3 vehicles, so the car market prospects are very broad. We are now behind the car market development situation than the United States behind 5-10 years, is expected to China's auto market in the next 2-3 years will usher in the outbreak period." Anting town deputy mayor Yuan Hao told the daily reporter.

Yuan Hao said that Anting as the Shanghai International Automobile City, has been dominated by the auto industry, and will continue to carry out industrial restructuring, upgrading work, in the automotive market has the advantages of resources and platforms.

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