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Release Date:2015-12-08

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission on the city's 82 districts and counties of 16 car wash units of the car wash water and charges were investigated. The results show that 9 car wash units have been increased, accounting for 11% of the total, 65, said the price adjustment is expected, accounting for 79%. Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that after calculation, tariff adjustment to the car wash industry, the cost of water less overall impact, is currently being studied to bid up the price of other measures.

Beginning in May 1st, the city implemented the price ladder, the car wash industry as a major category of special industries, the price from the original 61.68 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 160 yuan per cubic meter. At first glance, the car wash industry water costs rose nearly 1.6 times, so the car wash prices seem reasonable.

But according to reports, city development and Reform Commission relevant personage to reporters forget about washing the breakdown: used in the water, water saving measures of wash units, the cost of the car wash water by the tariff adjustment of each car 0.20 yuan rose to the adjusted 0.25 yuan; the use of special industry, water, follow link measures of water wash units, the cost of the car wash water by water price adjustment for every car in the 0.60 yuan rose to 1.60 yuan of the tariff adjustment; the car wash water recycling measures enterprises, each wash a car water cost based on the doubled.

This means that even the use of the most expensive special industry water price, car wash companies do not use any water saving measures, the cost of water for each car is only 3.2 yuan.

Remember that during the Spring Festival, as migrant workers return home, car wash prices will soar, so that the situation has proved a bit: car wash industry, the cost of major in human. Since washing a car with the cost of water is only 3.2 yuan, the car wash industry what reason to borrow the price rises sharply, even from 20 yuan per 40 yuan?

For car washing industry suspected drive up prices, municipal development and Reform Commission calculated breakdown, and actively study the response measures, this is the gospel of the majority of owners. Although the price of this industry is mainly determined by the market, but if the main business together with price increases, on suspicion of violation of the "price law" and other relevant provisions. In this regard, we look forward to the relevant departments of the investigation and punishment measures as soon as possible landing, do not let see the wind price increases of businesses to bully consumers.

As a special industry, high water consumption, car wash costs, is to promote water conservation, such a price leverage can urge businesses to use more water-saving recycling facilities, more use of water washing.

However, according to reports, although the cost of the water itself is relatively low, but due to the pipeline laying problems, most of the car wash or transport water. If by the municipal development and Reform Commission that "breakdown" attitude to look at this matter, there is indeed unreasonable places of burning gasoline transport water to wash the car, increase the economic cost, and is not conducive to energy-saving emission reduction, is not conducive to ease the congestion.

To solve the large urban water shortage, large-scale use of recycled water is a very important aspect. Not only is washing, watering green areas, residents should use water flushing. Therefore, the water use of the "bottleneck" must be broken as soon as possible.

"Breakdown" attitude deserves a round of applause, but to the car wash industry breakdown at the same time, the relevant departments to calculate price increases on the other side. Such as the recent part of the residential life hot water, water prices began to rise, such as those who wash a bath for 10 yuan a public bath due to the rising cost of unsustainable. In this regard, the relevant departments should fully she needed.

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