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Release Date:2015-12-08

Reporters learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for the comprehensive deepening reform of the EIA approval, to fill in the registration form of service business items such as dining places, entertainment places, car wash, car, motorcycle repair place (excluding spray painting process) and other projects to promote the construction project environmental impact registration form. As long as the project site to meet the access conditions, the owners submitted a full range of information, the EIA conclusions clear, environmental protection department issued a consent for the record, and timely transfer of a filing materials to the on-site monitoring unit.

Some people will have questions, restaurants, car wash shop without the EIA approval, and that in case of pollution affect the surrounding residents how to do it? Environmental Protection Bureau deputy secretary Wu Zhenming told reporters that the cancellation of the EIA approval does not mean laissez faire. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will be unified for the record of these projects, the construction unit of the project implementation of environmental protection is responsible for the whole process. If these restaurants, car wash shop in the construction and operation process occur the behavior of pollution of the environment, or omission, concealment of information exist in the project record, the environmental protection departments will be investigated according to law.

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