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Water pric

Release Date:2015-12-08

According to the previous price adjustment notice of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, since May 1 this year, Beijing city began implementation of the new price ladder, the car wash industry, bath industry, pure water industry, golf, ski resorts and other units as a special industry users, the price from past 61.68 yuan / tons of system up to 160 yuan / ton. Which the car wash industry water costs rose nearly 1.6 times!

Followed by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments of the city's 82 districts and counties 16 car wash units of the car wash water and charges were investigated. The results show that 9 car wash units have been increased, accounting for 11% of the total, 65, said the price adjustment is expected, accounting for 79%.

Common sense analysis, the price of water will drive the car wash industry synchronous price increases. However, insiders say, car washing water expenditure accounted for only 6% of the cost of the car wash. Use of water, water saving measures of the car wash units, car wash water costs by the price adjustment before each car 0.20 yuan rose to 0.25 yuan after adjustment; and the use of special industries water, there is a cycle of water saving measures of car wash units, car wash water costs by 0.60 yuan per vehicle 1.60 yuan price adjustment after the adjustment; no water saving measures of the car wash business, the cost of each wash a car on the basis of doubling.

And into the life of the impact on the price of water is more intuitive. You will find a small Menlian car wash shop 10 yuan -15 yuan / car wash price has been rising to 40 yuan / times. Car beauty chain also rose to 100 yuan / second. 4S shop is no longer provide free car wash service. The price adjustment for the use of water and recycling of regular car wash is a good, but the cost of the car will still be raised.

In fact, the car wash price increases or consumers to bear. Pricing is too high, it is not conducive to the healthy development of the market. After all, black car wash, endless groundwater is also waiting for your service.

Now the car wash industry is facing the dual pressures of cost and supervision, the industry is undergoing integration, transformation and elimination, how to enter the healthy development track, on the one hand, the relevant departments need to strengthen supervision, regulate market competition, compulsory closing measures, especially those without a license to operate 'black car wash' points must be put on the agenda. On the one hand to improve the nature of water, water recycling, which is the trend of ecological development. In addition to increase the matching of beauty services to attract customers, but also a good choice.

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