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CT-919 rec

Release Date:2015-12-08

Car washing efficiency, high automation, safety, strong performance, without manual can automatically complete the whole car wash process. Devices are made with foreign well-known brands of electronic components, the most advanced international high-end washing machine special brush, special foam material, service life of up to 40 million car, gentle, security, not to hurt the paint, don't touch the sands, non absorbent, the winding is not easy, aging resistance, abrasion resistance. All brush material are made of special aluminum alloy material, lightweight and durable, beautiful and easy.

Luxurious main frame, corrosion resistance, anti rust and unique water-saving environmental protection system, a new touch screen operation, simple and easy to understand, through the intuitive picture operation and control unique fault self detection system for heavy duty copying drying system can save more labor costs. Company's products through the previous innovation and development, making the company's products in the domestic similar product competition has an absolute advantage in the full price.

This machine adopts profiling air drying technique, triple photoelectric protection, with 360 DEG feeling auto recovery technology can ensure the car during the drying process is not scrape and collision tuyere always with the body keep distance 15cm, drying effect can reach more than 90%.

Super soft no Ling brush no static, non absorbent, non sticky sand, easily without mark dispel body dirt, and can protect the soft customer car paint injuries

Man machine interface, intelligent touch control operation system, with a number of independent research and development of sound and light alarm function, automatic generation of fault information, the whole Chinese language display, man-machine conversation is convenient, easy to find and eliminate the fault, with automatic and manual control functions;

The brush arm post is concentric shaft hanging design, structure more reasonable, spindle and flange specially tailored, are more robust than the similar products in the market, thick never other manufacturers brush spindle fracture shedding smashed cars or deformation of rotary swing beat the body, so the machine is really achieve 100% safe.

The Dali brush also has the function of intelligent avoidance rearview mirror, no fold rear-view mirror different worry will stumble in the rear view mirror; cleaning tracking Dali brush to scrub the full range of and the rear bumper, vehicle inclined no dead angle, brush the net level of 100%. In the use of the operation, if the equipment of a certain unit failure, the machine can control the setting, shielding failure of the fault unit, and does not affect the normal operation of other mechanical units, do not affect the normal operation, to ensure that users can use all the time.

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