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Release Date:2015-12-08

In recent years, due to the deterioration of the air environment, the fog and haze days, affecting people's health. This also makes some of the original used to open the window ventilation of the owners in bad weather conditions, choose the closed windows, more use of the internal circulation device. At the same time, the car disinfection, car air purification and other issues are also increasingly concerned about the owners. Senior industry insiders, Wang Tianrui, vice president of the northern love group, said in an interview, as consumers pay more attention to health, will be abandoned only to do the work of the habit, consumers choose the car indoor disinfection will become a normal.

For most of the car, the outside air through the pipeline, through the air inlet, air conditioning filters, blower, air conditioning filter to reach the outlet in the car. If the owner does not pay attention to cleaning, air conditioning filter behind the evaporator will slowly be impurities blocked. Not only the people in the car will be close contact with the dust, air conditioning refrigeration effect will be greatly affected. Especially in the summer, the owner of the car to go out frequently used air conditioning, not for the sake of cooling is in order to cool. With the operation of the air conditioning, many owners will smell a smell, and this smell is emitted in the air conditioning pipe.

"Consumers often have a misunderstanding, that is, the car interior is not dirty, do not wash, internal cleaning only care about 'visualization', but this is not the right." Wang Tianrui said, in the warm and cold season, climate change, consumers should carry out disinfection and sterilization of car interior. "Car with a long time will breed a lot of bacteria, become a breeding ground for bacteria. With climate change, consumers should be a year to clean the air conditioning duct and filter two. Summer, the owners are mostly open loop, air conditioning duct prone to mildew, and air filter can be put outside harmful substances, such as particulate matter filter, so that consumers in cold and warm seasons for cleaning. "

It is reported that most of the car manufacturers, the vehicle's air conditioning filter, should be one year or 3 km of replacement. And according to the actual environment of different cities, this cycle is best shortened to six months or twenty thousand km. "A car for several years also has never changed air filter, the last filter is blocked examples abound, although recently due to air quality problems, everyone's attention began to improve, only a slight change in the situation, but did not cause enough owners attention, active request check air cleanliness of the proportion is not high." Wang Tianrui told reporters.

With the outdoor environment pollution increasing, reduce automobile air conditioner air outlet and the air vent of the various bacteria hoarding, to prevent bacterial invasion and breeding, effectively wipe out all kinds of peculiar smell, keep the car clean air, comprehensive care of the ride's health will become future trend, consumption for the understanding of the car indoor sterilization importance will also more and more profound, is no longer confined to the "face project".

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