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On board,

Release Date:2015-12-08

January 10 this year, Qujiang Jinhua shipping development projects, which is largest shipping development project since the founding of Jinhua devoted to, is the upper and middle reaches of Qiantang River waterway revival plan is important one annulus, has entered the construction phase.

Recently, Jinhua City Bureau of transportation in port and waterway engineering construction pollution reduction as a breakthrough, "five actions boost, a total of five water treatment: Port Development and reducing pollution action, ship pollution control action, channel highway retaining water action, road maintenance action of water, car washing industry section water action.

The development of port pollution reduction action

Construction production wastewater

Without disposal not discharge

Port development project, so water resources, giving priority to conservation, conservation priority, supplemented by natural recovery and minimize sewage. Especially the construction of the mud or other construction waste water shall not be discharged without treatment, or treatment of sinotrans.

In river sediment dredging process, take a closed or covering measures, prevent leakage and throwing, control soil and water loss, thereby reducing adverse effects on water quality. Construction vessels shall be equipped with domestic sewage collection facilities, and land on the unified treatment.

Marine pollution control action

Every ship.

Should be equipped with a living garbage storage container

At present, there are more than 200 kinds of ships in Jinhua, including more than 150 operating vessels. After the boatman to sewage, garbage, sewage, oil concentrated storage and disposal ashore, prohibition of arbitrary channel to discard, emissions. Each ship should be equipped with a life of garbage storage containers, and living garbage to 100%. By the end of this year, Jinhua will also be invested in special funds to build the ship's garbage collection point (facilities) and the ship oil recovery point.

At the same time, the next high energy consumption of the old, small tonnage ship will accelerate the dismantling of.

Channel water action

Channel green good rate

More than 95%

Actively protect the water from the source, accelerate the pace of the course of the green channel, improve the management system of the green channel in the scope of the green, to prevent soil erosion and water quality improvement to lay a solid foundation to achieve the green channel green rate of more than 95%. And the "four sides" action and the main channel of the regular maintenance of the combination, the establishment of the main channel of the environment along the normal management of environmental management mechanism, the implementation of dynamic management.

Highway maintenance and water conservation action

City Highway System

To carry out "clean rivers and beautiful home" action

By improving the maintenance operation process, the Jinhua Highway Administration Bureau will improve the comprehensive utilization of waste. At the same time, the city's highway system also carried out "clean river, beautiful home" special action, significantly improved the river, river, lake and the highway along the environment.

Car wash industry water saving action

Issuing more than 600 proposals

Promote the car wash industry water

Jinhua City, there are more than 500 auto repair shop, varying degrees of "dirty, chaotic, poor", undocumented unlicensed, environmental pollution, the construction and other issues, and waste water resources. Jinhua City Transportation Bureau visited the 542 owners, issuing more than 600 copies of the proposal, the maintenance of the car wash industry advocate saving action. Next, the transport sector will also guide enterprises to introduce advanced facilities and equipment, promotion of energy saving and environmental protection maintenance technology.

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