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Release Date:2015-12-08

The following night news network news: Huaihai "mass point I rectification column time. Recently, we frequently received a public hotline, reflecting the urban part of the car wash field vehicles out of the way, sewage crosscurrent. Yesterday (14 days) in the morning, the reporter also and Quanshan District Urban Management Bureau staff together, within the jurisdiction of a number of xichedian are examined.

Located on the Third Ring Road on the north side of the parking lot, cross flow of sewage on the ground, based on feedback from the community, the car wash shop and lane condition, the boss see law enforcement personnel immediately expressed himself before has in accordance with previous request out of business one day, for law enforcement officers arrived again expressed very confused.

Shopkeeper: you have to say to stop for a month, you stop a day, I stopped at that time to close the door and go! Lock the door

According to law enforcement personnel, the car wash shop to operating without a license, the owner of the reason to lock the door because washing equipment in the room, afraid of being withheld. Law enforcement officers then asked the owner to open according to the rectification, but the owners still ignore.

Shop owner: what's great is to take a few, you think you can.

Phase compared to the Third Ring Road on the north side of the car wash shop, Yao Zhuang Road on the north side of the carwash is qualified, but the car wash the floor is dirty, the situation is not optimistic, but the shopkeeper said will actively accept the rectification.

Shopkeeper: clean, clean, I later.

Stop washing yard management section chief Zhu Wei: next we require washing field boss temporarily suspended a month, rectification, rectification completed. After we have checked and standardized, we allow them to continue to operate.

Zhu chief said that the car without a license to be resolutely banned, and further standardize the operation of car wash.

Stop washing yard management section chief Zhu Wei: some time ago we stopped washing management department in the area of parking field inspections, a total of more than 20 undocumented, irregularities in the parking lot, this action, for their further improvement, do not meet the requirements of temporarily suspend business, Jeeves serious. We want to punishment.

Check in the process of many shop owners are more complex, also actively to admit mistakes are said to be timely rectification, for withheld cleaner, water pump, car washing equipment owner are not raised objections, but the owner is not so with, when law enforcement officers will be withheld the store water pumps and other equipment, with the owner several workers rushed up.

Shopkeeper: No, don't give me, which of you, the law enforcement certificate take over to me, the law enforcement certificate.

Law enforcement officers: I can only give you a look, you don't, I will give you a look.

Shopkeeper: I call my man.

Law enforcement officer: you come down to me to say to you.

Shopkeeper: I was in the car wash, the people all to me.

The name of the owner started said law enforcement officers of law enforcement, and no prior notice, to the washing equipment withheld, in law enforcement and the owner of a lot of communication, the owner agreed to accept the rectification requirements.

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